How it works

We put the individual's passion at the heart of our process. The result is that we help employers find and develop staff who are keen, focused and equipped to succeed.

Every young person we engage with gets access to our unique four-step journey:

How it works


Young jobseekers can often feel disengaged or disconnected from society. Work can seem a remote prospect, detached from the things they enjoy or value.

We actively engage with young people through their interests. As our approach appeals to their existing passions and talents, we are able to successfully interact with young people where other methods and schemes have proved ineffective.

By working together with our partners, we are able to more easily identify young unemployed people in need of support, where alone individual organisations may not have the resources to effectively engage them.


“I tried different career paths and nothing seemed to work for me. I am now an apprentice on a project that I love.”

— James


Once engaged we use simple techniques that encourage young people to identify their skills and better understand themselves. The Passion Project Quiz, for example, asks participants to answer a few multiple-choice questions about themselves and helps them determine their personality type, providing them with career options they may have not considered.

Having access to high-quality, relevant careers guidance and being able to identify a desired career path is crucial to helping young people stay motivated as they transition into their ideal job.


“I found out more about myself in general, about who I am. My behaviour has changed to think of how I can make the impossible possible.”

— Ahmed


This step is the central tenet of our philosophy, and is that which sets us apart from other youth employment services.

Having the right skillset is only half the equation – a growing amount of research points to high emotional intelligence as crucial for success in the workplace.

We help young people develop their emotional intelligence, which, amongst other things, boosts their self-esteem and improves their ability to communicate. This helps them prepare for their new career, ensuring they're ready to start work and continue their self-development on the job.


“Social and emotional skills are keys to unlocking success and potential for youths by empowering them to discover how their unique gifts and talents meet their passions.”

— Dr. Heath Grant


While having aspirations can help make a career path clear, they don't necessarily help in opening the doors you need to get there.

Our first objective is always to help the young person achieve their goals and fulfil their potential. Having a large community of like-minded organisations and employers allows us to direct them into training and employment opportunities which suit their skillsets and match their interests.

It's this focus on suitability that allows us to provide you with a high-quality, motivated workforce committed to your success.


“How can we ask our youth to get out of their comfort zones if we hide behind our desks?”

— Omobola Odutayo, JobCentre Plus
Erith & the Passion Project

Erith & The Passion Project:

“We had the opportunity to design the training programme, knowing full well what the demolition industry needs to enable the guys to come on site and start working from day one.”

Erith are a founding partner of the Passion Project and a specialist contractor in construction. The construction sector is currently worth £90bn to the British economy. Recently, however, it's experienced a severe skills shortage with one in three job vacancies unfilled – traditional employment routes aren't making the cut. As a result, employers like Erith are now looking at alternative ways to strengthen their workforce.

Which is where the Passion Project come in. In 2016 we worked with the National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC), the Institute of Demolition Engineers (IDE) and DIVERT. Together we helped create eleven new apprenticeship opportunities for Erith's demolition division. We also sourced a number of suitable candidates to fill them.

Creating new employment routes with the help of the Passion Project enabled Erith to build a workforce tailored to their needs. One which was trained in the way they wanted. Crucially, we also provided all of the apprentices with emotional intelligence training and support. This helped them stay motivated and make the most of the opportunity.

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